Bipolar Disorder

conditions-homeRiding the highs and lows of bipolar disorder can be exhausting, even scary if the highs turn to psychosis during mania, or the lows to persistent thoughts of suicide.  At Fountainhead Clinic we understand this wayward journey and can help you to overcome this disorder, even use the experience to your advantage.  Dr. Janikula has developed a successful, innovative treatment approach to bipolar disorder and manages cases from all over the world.  With our treatment, over time the highs become less high, the lows become less low and of shorter duration until they are no longer a disturbance to your life. Call to have one of our highly trained doctors assess if his approach can help you live a happy, passionate and inspired life!


How do you treat bipolar disorder naturally?

At Fountainhead clinic we have developed a system of treating mental health disorders which is second to none. The first step of our process involves looking at the patient as an individual and whole person. We take their diagnosis into consideration as a means to guide us in our therapeutic decision making. Then we consider obstacles preventing cure, and use other therapies to remove these obstacles and help aid the healing process.


The first step in our treatment method involves the use of homeopathy. Homeopathy is a system of medicine which stimulates the body to heal itself. When homeopathic medicines are prescribed properly, they work quickly to alleviate symptoms and improve overall health. At Fountainhead clinic we feel very strongly that homeopathy is the most effective treatment and the most vital step to our success in helping someone achieve perfect health.

Remove obstacles to cure:

Occasionally there are road blocks in homeopathic treatment, meaning there is something that is preventing a person from being capable of healing, even with the power of homeopathy. This could be anything from a thyroid imbalance to a nutritional deficiency, to a toxic relationship. At Fountainhead Clinic we are trained to identify these obstacles and remove them when possible, so that the healing process can continue smoothly.

Supportive therapies:

Any additional therapies that we choose to implement, based on a person’s individual need, is only to assist the healing process which is stimulated by homeopathy. This includes orthomolecular medicine, nutrition, thyroid therapies, medications, and supplements.

Medication Management:

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Patient Stories

Bipolar Disorder

John is a 20-year old male who came to see Dr. Janikula because he had been having problems with irritability. He would have 4-day periods of intense agitation, and irritability and he could in no way be nice to anyone, including his family. He would wake up angry, quarrel with his wife and feel like she was doing something wrong to him. Occasionally he would dip into a bad depression and feel things were so bad that he would contemplate suicide. These depressive episodes frequently lasted for 2 weeks, during which he would hide under his covers and feel he could not face the world. He was very talented in his field, but in the last year had gone through many jobs because of conflicts. Most interestingly, he felt better whenever he was in the mountains hunting. This would alleviate his symptoms of both depression and his hypomania. In fact, he would spend all his time in the woods. He also had a very strong craving for smoked meats.

These symptoms are very clearly produced by a remedy call Tuberculinum. He was given a single dose of 10M and immediately slept 12 hours and his mood stabilized. He needs another dose every 5 days to keep his mood stable. If he misses a dose all the irritability returns. His wife stated, “John is the sweetest he has ever been in our 3 year relationship.”

John is lucky as he was diagnosed and treated early in the course of his disease. He will most likely need 1-2 more years of treatment until he is entirely better. He is off to a good start – homeopathic improvement is progressive.

Rapid-Cycling Bipolar Disorder

Pete is 30 year old male who came to see Dr. Janikula with previously diagnosed rapid-cycling bipolar II. These patients are very difficult to treat because their mood can shift weekly. This is a typical one-month sketch of his treatment: Prior to seeing Dr. Janikula he had tried Lamictal, Depakote, Zoloft, and Lexapro, and had seen no benefit. He had had a poor reaction to Lamictal, and said the antidepressants made him worse. When he first came in to the office he was on 50 mg of Seroquel, which was greatly helping his sleep but he was suffering from wild moods. Dr. Janikula recommended bright light therapy in the morning and dark therapy in the evening. He also placed him on high-dose thyroid therapy, which further stabilized his mood. ?Following is a one-month depiction of his homeopathic management as Pete’s moods stabilized:

Sept 2nd: I feel depressed, lonely, and without hope. I have thought about suicide and the thought makes me feel much better. I spend time with my friends and feel more alone, so I just want to be by myself. Sometimes I get really irritable and everything and everyone annoys me. ?Dose: Aurum Metallicum 30C 3 pellets every day.

Sept 3rd: I feel much better, no suicidal thoughts and I like my friends again. I am having fun and actually love being alive.

Sept 8th: I think I am getting a little too high. Today I woke up and my mind was racing but it was not as fast as my body. I have been so busy all day and I cannot sit still. I think I have gotten 10 days of work done in 3 hours. Now I want to relax but I can’t. I have run, biked, and danced and I still have energy. ?Dose: Tarantula 200C 3 pellets every day.

Sept 9th: That dose worked fast. I relaxed and I even felt tired. Slept well and today I am more calm. However I miss the productivity but I don’t miss the restlessness.

Sept 16th: Today I woke up depressed and I just don’t care about my work. I heard my brother is having a hard time and I don’t even care about him. I went for a run and it made me feel a little better. I am so fatigued that I needed a nap at 2 pm and feel really cold. ?Dose: Sepia 1M 3 pellets every day.

Sept 17th: Woke up feeling better today. Back to work with enthusiasm. Called my brother to check on him and actually cared. Nice feeling.

Sept 25th: Depressed again. Not as bad as last time but still feel hopeless. I have an occasional suicidal thought but it is not strong. I am slightly irritated with my friends again. ?Dose Aurum 200C 3 pellets everyday.

Sept 26th: Feel much better again. Not depressed and feel balanced.

You can see that the homeopathic management of these patients is challenging, but when managed for long periods of time each successive mood episode is less intense and the interval between becomes longer. It is essential to keep close contact between doctor and patient.


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