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booksThere is an abundance of information and misinformation on the internet regarding homeopathy. We have taken the liberty of compiling a list of the most reliable books and resources on the subject, so that our patients may educate themselves in order to make properly informed decisions. Below you will find a list of these books and resources to learn more about this extraordinary form of medicine, homeopathy.

Introduction to Homeopathy books

Beyond Flat Earth Medicine The first edition of this book is available to read free online.

Impossible Cure by Amy Lansky

History of Homeopathy books

Hahnemann Revisited

Divided Legacy Vol. III: The Conflict Between Homeopathy and the American Medical Association

Learn Homeopathy for Home Use

Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicines
It should be noted that while this book may be helpful for treating common, trivial, ailments at home, for serious conditions you should consult an experienced homeopathic doctor.

Vermeulen’s Concordant Materia Medica
If you are interested in seriously learning homeopathic materia medica, this book is the most concise compilation of reliable materia medica available.

Other resources for information on homeopathy

Dana Ullman’s Column in the Huffington Post

Extraordinary Medicine the Truth about Homeopathy

Homeopathic Pharmacies

California/West Coast:

Kemp Homeopathic 619-234-2166

Hahnemann Lab 1-888-4-ARNICA

SCNM medicinary 480-970-0001


Small Flower 1-800-252-0275


Homeopathy Overnight 1-800-ARNICA-3

Small Flower 1-800-252-0275


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