Fountainhead Naturopathic Clinic has ceased operations due to voluntary dissolution by the board of directors.

 Dr. Mark Janikula, N.D. and Brooke McNeal, N.D. are now in private practice and currently accepting new patients. Please see their respective websites for more details.


The remedies that we prescribe from our medicinary are free to patients. However, there is a $10 flat-rate shipping and handling fee for any remedies that must be mailed out.

We do not sell any supplements in our clinic. If we feel there is a supplement that would be necessary or beneficial for you, we will refer you to an online medicinary for direct shipping, or to a local business where you may purchase the supplement.

Financial Planning

Naturopathic treatment at Fountainhead Clinic is an investment in your health and your future.  Though the upfront cost of treatment may seem high, we feel the service we provide is worth far more.  Also, long-term outcomes of going through our treatment will likely save you thousands in future medical costs, work leave, etc. because with our treatment you are regaining your health.



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