Mark Janikula, ND

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Dr. Janikula is the leading expert in natural treatment of mental health conditions. His compassion for people with severe mental illness drives him to offer the most effective treatment available.

Dr. Janikula was raised on a family farm in Minnesota. From a young age, he learned the values of hard work and honesty which he carries into his medical practice. He places the needs of the patient first and honestly communicates with patients about diagnosis, treatment rationale, and success rates. He finds so many areas of medicine, natural and conventional, are misleading to patients. He places patients in the driver’s seat by providing education and expertise so they have a clear understanding of their disease and treatment options. Dr. Janikula is a rare doctor who works for the patient and takes this job seriously.

Dr. Janikula attended St. John’s University in Minnesota studying science and nutrition with the intent of pursuing a career in medicine. Observing that conventional medicine knows nothing of health, he opted not to pursue this course. He attended Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and received is doctorate (N.D.). While in school, Dr. Janikula obsessively researched nutritional causes and treatments of disease, spending all of his time in the library studying research. He planned on using only nutritional medicine in his practice. However, during his clinical rotations he observed that nutritional medicine merely helped diseases of lifestyle and offered only minor assistance in cases of serious disease such as mental illness. Continually searching for effective treatments, he was placed on a homeopathy rotation with Dr. Stephen Messer, N.D. Dr. Janikula had objected to homeopathy as it “did not make sense”. However, after working with Dr. Messer for 6 months, he could not deny his observation that every patient he saw on that rotation was improving at an astounding rate. He changed directions and has become one of the few experts in the world using homeopathy to effectively treat psychiatric conditions.

Dr. Janikula understands true health and disease. His knowledge of psychiatric conditions is comprehensive, understanding causes, genetics, symptoms, and challenges which patients face. Dr. Janikula’s treatment approach is very simple: STIMULATE THE BODY TO HEAL ITSELF AND REMOVE OBSTACLES THAT PREVENT THE BODY FROM HEALING. He uses homeopathy to stimulate healing and is a highly accurate prescriber. He looks at many areas that might be preventing the body from healing and uses his extensive knowledge of nutrition, hormones, lifestyle choices, and relationship dynamics to remove these obstacles.

Dr. Janikula understands his treatments are alternative and many people do not know how effective they are. He is in the process of conducting effectiveness trials on bipolar disorder, depression, and schizophrenia so patients and doctors understand how profoundly effective his treatments are.

Dr. Janikula’s roots on a family farm have shaped him into a humble expert in the field of mental health. He does not seek fame, wealth, nor esteem, but seeks to help the largest percentage of patients possible that enter his care. He is the co-founder of Fountainhead Naturopathic, a non-profit clinic whose mission is to:
1) Offer high quality, effective, mental health care that is affordable for all
2) Bring these treatments to the greater population by training doctors to also be experts in this field
3) Open an inpatient psychiatric hospital that is not only conducive to healing, but where patients actually get better. With these visions in mind, Dr. Janikula wants to bring this highly effective treatment to the millions of Americans still suffering with mental illness, and for whom conventional medicine has failed.


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