Medication Management

We see medications as a tool to aid in the healing process, rather than a means to an end.

Do you believe in the use of medications?

At Fountainhead Clinic, we take a rational and responsible stance on medication. We are not anti-medication. Medications can be very helpful for some people in some situations. However, our goal is to get patients to a point where medications are no longer needed-to maintain a stable, healthy mood. We view medications as a tool in our tool box, which we are simply using temporarily to ensure a smooth transition into health. We believe it is possible for all patients to be medication-free eventually, though we have to be patient with this process.

Should I stop my medications before I come see you?

At the start of treatment, we ask that you do NOT stop or start any medications or other therapies, but continue with your current regimen.  Occasionally, we may make a recommendation for a change in medication if we feel there is something that would more appropriately address certain symptoms, such as insomnia. We are always willing to work with your current psychiatrist or prescribing physician to establish a medication plan and tapering schedule.

When can I start tapering my medication?

We need to work with your prescribing physician to establish a safe tapering protocol.  We will monitor your progress with our treatment very closely and let you know when we feel it is the right time to talk to your doctor about beginning a tapering protocol.  Everyone is different, so this time will vary depending on each individual.  However, in every case, we want to make sure you are improving before you start decreasing medications, unless the medication is causing obvious harm.


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