Naturopathic Treatment of Anxiety


Whether it’s fear or worry of disease, the safety of loved ones, undertaking something new, failing, leaving your house, riding in an airplane, or social interaction, anxiety is a crippling feeling. It inhibits you from living life to the fullest. Anxiety, is a fight or flight response to a perceived threat. It is an innate response which is meant to protect us when real and imminent danger is near. However, for some individuals, this response is triggered, even though the perceived threat is irrational. When this happens, it is termed an “anxiety disorder.” There are many different types of anxiety disorders, but they all result in symptoms such as excessive, uncontrollable worry, restlessness, irritability, inability to concentrate, muscle tension and sleep disturbance, all of which can severely inhibit daily life.

Often, the medications used to treat anxiety disorders (benzodiazepines) are highly addictive, and can cause many problems with side effects and withdrawal symptoms. With this treatment approach, when the medications are removed, the underlying anxiety disorder still exists.

At Fountainhead clinic, we understand the painful suffering of chronic anxiety, and use natural methods which address the underlying cause of anxiety. You no longer have to live a life of constant worry and fear. With our treatment, you will begin to feel like yourself again, as your anxieties begin to fade away. You will finally be able to lead the life that you were meant to live.


How do you treat anxiety naturally?

At Fountainhead clinic we have developed a system of treating mental health disorders which is second to none. The first step of our process involves looking at the patient as an individual and whole person. We take their diagnosis into consideration secondly, as a means to guide us in our therapeutic decision making. Lastly we consider obstacles to cure, and use other therapies to remove these obstacles and help aid the healing process


The first step in our treatment method involves the use of homeopathy. Homeopathy is a system of medicine which stimulates the body to heal itself. When homeopathic medicines are prescribed properly, they work quickly to alleviate symptoms and improve overall health. At Fountainhead clinic we feel very strongly that homeopathy is the most effective treatment and the most vital step to our success in helping someone achieve perfect health.

Remove obstacles to cure:

Occasionally there are road blocks in homeopathic treatment, meaning there is something that is preventing a person from being capable of healing, even with the power of homeopathy. This could be anything from a thyroid imbalance, to a nutritional deficiency, to a toxic relationship. At Fountainhead clinic we are trained to identify these obstacles to cure, and remove them (when possible), so that the healing process can continue smoothly.

Supportive therapies:

Any additional therapies that we choose to implement, based on a persons individual need, is only to assist the healing process which is stimulated by homeopathy. This includes nutrition, thyroid therapies, medications, and supplements.

Medication Management:

Click here to read more about medication management.

Patient Story

Mary (name changed) came to see Dr. McNeal for chronic anxiety and panic attacks. She had been caring for her son with schizophrenia for the past 5 years, and in that time her symptoms of anxiety progressively worsened. She also suffered from insomnia, headaches, and urinary incontinence.

The anxiety started with worrying about her son, everything from how his life would turn out, to whenever she heard a siren outside, automatically thinking something horrible had happened to him. These feelings eventually progressed to a constant sense of dread that something terrible would happen and a feeling like she had done something wrong. It was always worse in the evening and worse after a long night of caretaking. She would often lay awake at night weeping while worrying about her son. Her panic attacks occurred whenever she saw someone in a potentially dangerous situation, such as a man fixing a telephone pole, or standing on the edge of a roof, because she was certain they would fall. In recent years she developed stress incontinence that resulted in passing small amounts of urine each time she sneezed or laughed. Her headaches, which she described as a feeling like there was something lodged between her brain and her forehead, occurred almost daily. Based on these unique symptoms, Dr. McNeal prescribed the homeopathic remedy Causticum 30C.

At the first follow up two weeks later, Mary reported that her anxiety was 30 to 40% better and continuing to improve. After six weeks, some of Mary’s symptoms returned and she needed a higher potency of Causticum. Currently her anxiety is 80 to 90% better, and her incontinence and headaches have not returned.

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