Naturopathic Treatment of Depression

depression-benefitIf you have ever experienced the crushing solitude and overwhelming sadness of depression, you know what a dark and lonely nightmare it can be. In Thomas Moore’s analogy of Jonah and the Whale, depression is the dark belly of the whale. When you are in it, it feels like there is no way out, like you will be trapped in this place forever, stuck with only your thoughts. But there is light at the end of this long, dark, tunnel as with Jonah, at the end of the story, who is spat out of the belly of the whale, only to find that it has carried him right to where he is supposed to be. At Fountainhead, we understand how difficult this journey can be. Nothing else gives us greater joy than helping deliver people from the belly of the whale, then watching as they discover their true potential.

Homeopathy allows people to move through their depression quickly, not only giving relief from symptoms, but also giving depression itself greater meaning. Instead of suppressing emotions with medications, homeopathy allows us to process and reflect on those emotions, in order to learn and grow from them.


How do you treat major depression naturally?

At Fountainhead Clinic we have developed a system of treating mental health disorders that is second to none. The first step of our process involves looking at the patient as an individual and whole person. We take their diagnosis into consideration secondly, as a means to guide us in our therapeutic decision-making. Lastly we consider obstacles to cure, and use other therapies to remove these obstacles and help aid the healing process.


The first step in our treatment method involves the use of homeopathy. Homeopathy is a system of medicine that stimulates the body to heal itself. When homeopathic medicines are prescribed properly, they work quickly to alleviate symptoms and improve overall health. At Fountainhead clinic we feel very strongly that homeopathy is the most effective treatment and the most vital step to our success in helping someone achieve perfect health.

Remove obstacles to cure:

Occasionally there are roadblocks in homeopathic treatment, meaning there is something that is preventing a person from being capable of healing, even with the power of homeopathy. This could be anything from a thyroid imbalance, to a nutritional deficiency, to a toxic relationship. At Fountainhead clinic we are trained to identify these obstacles to cure, and remove them (when possible), so that the healing process can continue smoothly.

Supportive therapies:

Any additional therapies that we choose to implement, based on a person’s individual need, is only to assist the healing process stimulated by homeopathy. This includes orthomolecular medicine, nutrition, thyroid therapies, light therapy, medications, and supplements.

Medication Management:

Click here to read more about medication management.

Patient Story

Janet came to see Dr. McNeal at the age of 35, after suffering from episodes of depression for “as long as I can remember”. She told her that she was a very sensitive child growing up. She was the oldest of 3, always “the responsible one”, caring for her younger siblings, especially after her father died and her mother began drinking heavily. She was only 10 years old at the time and often the subject of verbal abuse from her mother. The depressive episodes she recalls as a child were “like a dark blanket of sadness.” All she wanted was to be alone and cry. But instead, she would put on a strong façade and pretend to be happy for the sake of her little brother and sister. In her adulthood, her depressions were similar. It took her a while to open up to Dr. McNeal at first, but when she finally did, she admitted how much her past still affects her. She will sit in her room all day with the shades down, because the sunlight hurts her eyes and makes her feel worse. She will dwell on the past, thinking about all the horrible things that her mother used to say to her and how much it hurt losing her father. She thinks this may be the reason that she has never married. Although for the past 7 years, she has also had a secret, unrequited love for her married neighbor. She feels full of hopelessness and despair, that her life will never get better, and often contemplates suicide. She also suffers from frequent migraines, with a feeling “like my head will burst open”, which is made worse from sunlight and motion. She strongly craves salty foods and vinegar.

Based on Janet’s unique symptoms, Dr. McNeal prescribed the homeopathic remedy Natrum muriaticum 30C.

When Janet returned to the office two weeks later she reported that for the first two days after taking the Nat mur, she “could not stop crying”, but that it was different than her normal crying spells, which seemed completely useless. This cry felt cathartic, and when it was over, she felt a great sense of relief. Since then, she had only thought of her past a few times, and without much sadness. Her mood and energy were much improved, and she had only had one headache, which she “wouldn’t even classify as a migraine.” She also admits that she signed up for an online dating service because she feels like she “might finally be ready to meet someone.”

What Janet experienced with her first remedy is a classic example of an initial homeopathic aggravation, followed by improvement. Though her depression was not cured forever with this first remedy, she experienced quick relief and a better understanding of her depression. Janet now needs a new potency of Nat mur every 1-3 months. Each time her depression returns, it is less severe and for shorter duration than the previous episode. Occasionally, she needs a different remedy for new symptoms that crop up, but usually she returns to needing Nat mur. Janet will probably be completely free of depression within 2-3 more years of treatment, though her appointments will happen less frequently over that time.

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